Case Studies:

Pallas has tremendous experience in structuring deals in the best interest of our clients. We protect our clients from the unknown. Our expert advisors understand the nuances of structuring deals that protect sellers, who in many cases provide financing. Pallas works with your professional advisors and can help advise on the proper tax structure and business valuation models, as well as navigating the type of sale, necessary non-compete agreements, buy-back provisions, reps and warranties, along with a myriad of other clauses and conditions necessary to complete the transaction.

As a buyer, many companies may enter a deal that looks great on the surface, but when it is unwrapped, problems are discovered. Pallas Partners has deep experience in the pre-diligence stage and understands how critical it can be to uncover as many potential liabilities and contingency events as possible during the deal structuring and due diligence process. 

 Case Studies