Case Studies:

All companies strive for sustained, profitable growth. One of the biggest problems facing today’s most successful businesses is simply managing their success. Leaders must be able to adapt to sudden growth by navigating the complex networks and systems within their company and quickly implementing any necessary process changes in order to meet demand. Many companies that are experiencing huge top-line growth don’t have the proper organizational processes in place to handle it.

The typical client that Pallas assists with growth strategy are companies that are facing enormous success, are outstripping initial projections, and possibly outgrowing their existing management team. Most managers lack the training or experience to manage explosive growth.

Oftentimes, when company leaders recognize a problem, it is too late. Some issues our clients have encountered during periods of tremendous growth include: problems with scaling the business, keeping up with quality and demand, and employee engagement. Another pitfall during explosive growth can be the need to add infrastructure or fixed costs for a temporary situation that ends up costing the business money once the situation abates.

Pallas Partners provides creative and analytical strategies to manage and maximize current growth, identify future growth opportunities, and overcome any external and internal barriers.



Restonic Sleep Products

Restonic recently experienced the unexpected and enormous growth of its mattress business. Pallas Partners worked with the company to develop practical, result-oriented strategies that have produced measureable results. Pallas was able to identify the choke points in the organization and helped the Restonic management team to realize the leadership role they play in the overall success of their business.


I have worked with Lewis, a Pallas advisor, over the past two years and have found his insight and experience invaluable in moving our business forward. Lewis has helped us understand the importance of open communication and transparency of actions in developing a group of leaders that can assess and form actions that will take our business towards its stated vision and goals.” Lee Quinn, CEO


Case Studies