Pallas Partners announces company launch in Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville, KY

New consultancy organization and its unique infrastructure, developed to be the leading strategic consulting firm in the Kentuckiana region, launched.

Pallas Partners, Inc. ( now joins the list of new and innovative organizations based in Louisville, Kentucky. This consultancy features a powerful infrastructure that will provide clients access to unique talent and experience as they seek to grow their businesses strategically.

Based initially on the insight that the Kentuckiana Region, and specifically small and emerging middle market companies, was underserved in the strategic consulting space, Pallas Partners CEO Matthew Saltzman set out to build a consultancy model which created a unique and diverse set of infrastructure and relationships that would give clients access to experience, perspective, guidance, and capital from a variety of sources.

I wanted to build a network of connections and relationships to my firm that would allow access to the enormous talent embedded in the Louisville market while leveraging our national relationships to focus on issues that the market and our clients face”, offered Saltzman.

Pallas Partners will focus its efforts on working with clients’ senior management to make distinctive, lasting and substantial improvements in performance around three key areas: People, Risk Management and Market Expansion.

Saltzman brings to Pallas, nearly 25 years of senior management experience primarily focused within the financial services industry. Prior to founding Pallas Partners, he was with JPMorgan as Managing Director of Private Client Services. Matt was responsible for management of the $17 million dollar revenue market including recruiting, budget, strategic planning and partnerships, branding, marketing, and day to day management. Prior Experiences included a number of senior management positions for a variety of firms. At Pallas Partners he has surrounded himself with a group of affiliate partners that collectively bring over 150 years of senior management and consulting experience in a multitude of industries.

Pallas Partners unique infrastructure will coordinate a few distinct groups to bring insights, innovation and results to clients. This infrastructure will consist of Affiliate Partners, Advisory Council, Economic Council, and various Friends of the Firm. Collectively, these intellectual assets will be deployed to ensure that Pallas Clients have access to the most compelling and innovative insights, solutions, perspectives and findings. This powerful infrastructure will harness talent and capabilities that would be difficult or nearly impossible for client firms to assemble as a team, or secure on a full-time basis.

Pallas Partners is based in Louisville, Kentucky and has begun to accept initial client assignments.

This is one of the most exciting projects I have ever been involved in”, said Saltzman. “The quality of individuals associated with would be enough to make any business leader optimistic. When one adds to it the number of growing companies and the need for these types of services to be provided locally it becomes an incredible opportunity that positions Pallas Partners for years of outstanding growth.”