Pallas Partners Announces Advisory Council Members

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Pallas Partners Announces Advisory Council Members

April 9, 2008 – Pallas Partners Inc., is pleased to announce the formation of its Advisory Council. The Advisory Council is comprised of senior leaders from the Louisville community. The Council is deliberately designed to be comprised of a diverse collection of disciplines that, when taken together, will enable Pallas to provide its clients with a well-rounded perspective.

Members of the Advisory Council are Thomas Jurich; Vice President & Director for Athletics at The University of Louisville, Michael Gough, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Norton Healthcare, Debbie Scoppechio, Chairwoman and CEO Creative Alliance, Jennifer Mackin; President and CEO The Oliver Group, Jonathan D. Goldberg, Partner, Goldberg Simpson, Kent Oyler, CEO, OPM Services, Inc., Jeffrey A. McKenzie, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Greenbaum Doll and McDonald PLLC, Alice Houston, President and Chief Executive Officer, Houston-Johnson Inc. The Advisory Council will work on specific problems or issues based upon the needs of Pallas or its clients. The Council members are available throughout the course of the year to offer input, advice, and counsel to Pallas.

Pallas Partners Managing Director and CEO, Matthew Saltzman, stated, “We are thrilled to be associated with the caliber of individuals who have offered their valuable time, knowledge, and experience to support our firm. These individuals represent the pinnacle of success and achievement in this community and it is truly an honor for our firm to be able to access them on a strategic basis. The true beneficiaries of the collective wisdom and insight of this Council will be our clients.”


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Pallas Partners, Inc. is an independent strategic consulting firm based in Louisville KY. It is committed to providing positive and tangible change strategies, innovative solutions, and assistance in implementation, to clients who seek to create real and lasting value for their shareholders. Through its affiliate network of consulting partners and other strategic alliances Pallas Partners provides its clients with access to talent, resources, and capital that is unparalleled in the Kentuckiana region. Unlike traditional consultants who only offer suggestions Pallas takes responsibility and is held accountable for results. Focusing on tangible results as well as process the firm distinguishes itself in the marketplace. As the leading strategic consultancy in Kentuckiana, offering today’s strategies for tomorrow’s solutions, Pallas Partners enables senior management to make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in performance. 

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