Managing Advisor, Compass Executives LLC

Senior general management executive with strong turnaround capabilities, combined with organizational and analytical skills. Key strengths include strategic planning, operational management, and issues specific to family-owned businesses. Possesses a broad background in manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing, as well as consulting with both domestic and international operating experience. Significant community and industry leadership.



Family-Owned Businesses

  •   As Adviser, provided ongoing advisory and management services for a family Inc 500 business and guided the development of an Advisory Board of Directors.

  •   As Adviser, guided the sale of a family printing business.

  •   As Adviser and serving as Interim General Manager, guided the sale of the assets of a 50 year old
    family business when the 2nd generation owners were unable to agree on the direction of the business.

  •   As Adviser, guided the sale of a medical equipment business for the owner who was facing a critical
    health issue.

  •   As VP of Sales, directed growth from $34 million in 1980 to $51 million in 1984.

  •   As CEO, negotiated and completed the sale of four operating units of a family business.

  •   As General Manager, directed and completed the merger of a family business unit and a Fortune 500
    company within six months - ahead of schedule and under budget.


Turnaround Experience

  •   Currently serving as Interim President & Restructuring Officer for Virginia Intermont College.

  •   Following disagreements that arose with key suppliers, restructured existing business to pay down $25
     million in debt and create a smaller and profitable business entity.

  •   Refocused an area construction firm that had been placed in special assets by its bank. The firm
     returned to profitability for 6 straight months gaining a year-end profit, and its bank renewed its loans.

  •   Served as Interim COO for a healthcare practice and led the business development.


Business Development

  •   Founded and led a consulting business that worked with 40 companies from 1993 to 1998.

  •  Developed and led an effort that raised $1.4 million in equity and debt for a firm servicing the
     corrections industry whose annualized business doubled within a 6 month period.

  •  Developed and implemented a plan for a Denver based technology company to enter a new industry
     through a joint venture that provided capital and a manufacturing/distribution partner.
  •  Served as Adviser to a start-up entertainment business in its acquisition of a music catalog.