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In today’s business climate, many companies look to acquisition and divestiture strategies to create innovation and growth for their business. Many times, companies may have a target acquisition or transaction in mind, while others only have identified a target industry they would like to enter or exit.

Pallas Partners works with clients to identify and clarify opportunities and execute the transaction. Pallas can set valuation and terms of deal, perform due diligence, determine post-merger integration processes, facilitate change management, and negotiate with all principals involved. Pallas understands that the price tag of a purchase or sale is only one of the issues our clients must consider in the realm of acquisitions and divestitures.

Our highly trained advisors can help businesses determine if the price makes sense for them as a buyer or seller, what the unseen risks might be, how a transaction can be positioned to provide maximum financial and tax benefits. Pallas Partners does not focus on getting a deal done at any cost, but on making sure it is the best deal in optimum circumstances that best suits our clients’ needs.



V-Soft Consulting

Over the past two years, Pallas Partners has worked with V-Soft Consulting to acquire two companies that greatly expanded the firm’s geographic market, diversified their service offerings and added significant revenue to their top line. Within those transactions, Pallas negotiated terms, worked with principals and their representatives to facilitate the deal and structure the conditions of the transaction. Pallas also helped source the needed capital funds for our client.

"We have used Pallas and their deal team to make two major acquisitions. In both cases Pallas performed the due diligence, helped structure the deal, and led us to a successful closing. We are extremely pleased with the results both during the acquisition and in the post integration phases. We credit Pallas with developing very creative financing structures in order to get the deals done." Purna Veer, CEO




Case Studies